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Founded in 1872 in Bury, Lancashire, Hargreaves has become a name synonymous with ventilation ductwork and well renowned throughout the industry as a manufacturer and distributor of high quality HVAC solutions.

Henry Hargreaves, founder of the firm, was born in 1851. He served his time as a tinsmith in Bury where incidentally it is claimed that the first 'tinkers' (or 'tinbashers') had originated many years before. In 1890 Henry Hargreaves and Sons acquired a workshop in Heywood Street, Bury where they began manufacturing loaf tins and lawnmower boxes, shortly afterwards opening premises in Silver Street from which they sold bicycles. At this time, Hargreaves made their first roof ventilators, used on churches and schools.

The manufacture of ventilation products continued and in 1905 Hargreaves acquired premises in Cook Street (Albert Works) before becoming a private limited company in 1934. Following further expansion and the purchase of a second factory in Cook Street, 1957 saw a momentous change in the firm's history as Henry Hargreaves and Sons was acquired by the Senior Engineering Group Limited. Senior, who at that time was seeking diversification, decided that the air conditioning industry offered growth prospects and the association with Hargreaves is one that has continued successfully since.

A period of modernisation followed with the company involved in a number of prestigious and successful projects including: the new Shell Centre on London's South Bank; London Airport Passenger Terminal; Euston Station; and the Concorde Building project. In 1968 the company commenced work in the high integrity market of Nuclear projects with the manufacture and installation of ductwork systems for Dungeness 'B' Nuclear Power Station, and continues to supply products and services today to this extremely specialised industry.

1974 heralded the introduction of a new venture for the firm when Hargreaves opened the first of a series of retail outlets, selling ventilation components to the ductwork industry. 'Trade Counters' soon became a national business with trade outlets opening throughout the country.

The company continued to develop its reputation for ventilation systems over the coming years and despite testing economic times continued to build its reputation within the industry supported by improvements in standards and efficiency within the business. 2006 saw the introduction of 'lean' manufacturing techniques improving delivery performance and available capacity.

In October 2012 came a further historic change in the life of the firm as Senior sold its interests to M+W High Tech Projects UK, part of the German M+W Group, a leader in the field of technology based construction projects. M+W Hargreaves retained its traditional trading name 'Hargreaves', that is synonymous with unrivalled quality in ductwork systems throughout the UK. The company then began its new journey of development and growth in the specialist field of high integrity ventilation solutions as part of M+W in the UK.

To this day the ethos within M+W Hargreaves remains one of customer focus and unparalleled quality, ensuring that the industry of the 'tinker' lives on in Bury through the continued manufacture of specialist ventilation solutions.